When Turkeys Fight Back!

It’s that time of year again.

A time in which family members are thrust together, in a room for 4-6 hours and asked for their differences to be put aside and just ‘get along’.


A season of peace, love, and joy?

Danger lurks for the unprepared, and so, in the spirit of Christmas giving, this month’s blog is advice on what to consider for those who suffer back problems.

Danger # 1.         Wrapping Yourself in Knots

Sitting for prolonged periods in an awakward position wraapping is not necessarily good for the back!

Firstly, we all love to receive a gift or two! It makes it all the more special when someone has taken the time to wrap the gift in beautiful paper. There may be many family members to wrap for –each with more than one gift. Gifts come in various sizes and sometimes you may feel it is better to sit on the floor where there appears to be more space. Invariably people end up sitting in an awkward position for hours – haunched on the knees bending forward, alternatively sat with legs tucked out to either side while bending wrapping gifts.

Take time to think about your position and timing when wrapping presents. Do it in small time frames and often rather than one long stint of 4-5 hours. Ideally sit at a table and wrap , but again short periods and often is better than long periods of sustained posture sitting.


Danger #2.          When Turkeys Fight Back!

It’s a family occasion.

The Christmas day meal of (usually) Turkey with all the trimmings and the tradition of watching the Queens Christmas day speech.

How many are coming? What size ‘bird’ shall we get? Will there be enough? Shall we order bigger to be safe?

The bigger the bird, the less likely you are to have te embarrassing situation of not having enough to feed your guests. But behind the decision to get a bigger bird, lurks the dangers of causing a major low back incident.

Bend, twist, lift the heavy Turkey. Repeat several times for the onset of low back pain!

Like most people, the oven is usually low to the ground. Initially, to get the Turkey in the oven is not a problem. Once the Turkey begins to cook there is a lot of checking to do as we all know, cooking is about timing. Bend forward, twist, lift, straighten – put the Turkey on the side.

Test .

Repeat above several times.

Is it any wonder back pain ensues? The Turkey has fought back!

Keep your back straight, bend at the knees. If possible, get someone to help you lift the heavy Turkey out of the oven.