Talent Versus Time



Time Versus Talent


I was reminded the other day about value, particularly how much of us still place time as a value on a number of commodities.

A regular visitor to my clinic had told me that she had been made aware that an acquaintance of hers was ‘not coming back’ for further treatment because her treatment time was less than the allotted 30 minutes.

Let’s be clear.

I’m a very humble man. I spent five years in a full time degree course attaining a qualification that allows me to assess, diagnose, and treat musculoskeletal conditions.

I do have a talent.

We all have a talent. Often our talents are not paid for on a ‘by the hour’ basis.

I have spent a further nineteen years developing those skills – getting people essentially back to a pain-free movement pattern in as short a time frame and to be most cost effective as possible.

Research shows Chiropractic care gets people with mechanical low back pain back out of symptoms faster than physiotherapy treatment. Perhaps that is why Physiotherapy degrees offer post graduate diplomas for attending courses on manipulation of joints?

It takes a specific skill set to adjust and re-align a joint correctly and take on board the risks associated with it. Granted, it takes only a few seconds to deliver the correct amount of force, in the right direction, at the right time to each joint.

But that is my talent.

It doesn’t take much time. Indeed, I have worked in practices abroad where three people are seen in a fifteen-minute time frame. In Chiropractic practices in the UK I would say 10/15-minute appointment times are the ‘norm’.

Essentially, when you see a chiropractor you are paying to be seen quickly (unlike current NHS wait times for physiotherapy), you are paying for their knowledge, skill, and talent to get you out of pain in a shorter time frame as possible, and to recognise causes to prevent further relapse.

Ultimately, your paying for the talent, not the time. Stop clock watching.

So stop looking at your watch, let us get on with the job at hand. You’ll appreciate what we have to offer.