‘Rip, Sh#*, and Bust. An Uneducated Viewpoint on Chiropractic Treatment.

We are moving into the tail end of summer of 2015, and by now, most people if asked would know what a chiropractor is, or at the very least, have heard some story from a family member, friend, or work colleague. But what can we do as professionals when tales have a negative slant? When you may have been told that chiropractors perform ‘rip, sh#*, and bust techniques on the spine!

Firstly, let’s put the myth to bed. Anyone who has read my previous blog ‘chiropractic and the cracking myth (read it here) will know of the reasons why joints click when a chiropractic adjustment is applied. This is only one of a number of techniques used in chiropractic treatment. There are many more that can be utilised ranging from low force techniques and even non-force techniques. Simply put, the joint does not have to ‘click’ to balance its position. Indeed, a chiropractor should design a particular treatment plan based on a number of factors and individual needs. The treatment plan should be specific and tailored.

Not all chiropractic treatments require a lot of force

Not all chiropractic treatments require a lot of force

More important than a tailored treatment plan is the explanation of the problem together with a discussion about why treatment is required. Your chiropractor must be honest and open about the amount of treatments you require, benefits as well as risks. In an ideal world, there should always be a discussion about alternative treatment options available to each patient.

Patient expectations should be met if not exceeded. They should be allowed time to ask questions and have their concerns acknowledged.

So if you have read this blog and your chiropractic treatment just consists of just ‘click…rollover…click…right, see you next week’ you may want consider a change. Not all chiropractors are the same.