Joint Stiffness and the Winter Blues

Winter Blues

A Winters tale. Binge watching TV Box sets, and slowly stiffening joints!

‘Now is the winter of our discontent’ wrote Shakespeare in his play Richard III

Winter can be a period of joy or misery. It’s all dependant on your perspective. For many, the long winters night signify time by a cosy fire, binge watching TV series on one of the many streaming services now available through the internet. 

Others may keep themselves busy as much as they can. But not as busy as the spring and summer months.

Decreased activity has undoubtedly a detrimental effect on our ability to move freely and without pain, and our general well-being. It is well known that the brain receives most information 24 hours a day, from the sensory nerve endings contained in muscles, tendons and joints of the body. Movement patterns create connections to other areas of the brain – overall, we maintain health.

So in these short days and long dark nights I suggest that you limit the time on the sofa binge watching TV. Get up, move around and be positive. It will help you maintain health in the long run.