Chiropractic: The Princess and the Pea

Over the sixteen years of being on the forefront of chiropractic treatment, there is a scenario that plays out time and time again.

Patients  get real relief (if not complete resolution) of their presenting joint and muscle pains from chiropractic manipulation of the joint[s]- and appropriate soft therapy such as massage, trigger point therapy. During chiropractic treatments, the chiropractor should discuss aspects of your lifestyle that maybe contributing reasons for having pains in the first place. Top of the list of lifestyle factors contributing to back pains are sleeping on an inappropriate mattress. But how do you know whether what you are resting on is ‘inappropriate’?

    • Any patient that gets better with chiropractic treatment, but reports constantly suffering most pain when getting out of bed in the morning – mattress
    • Poor night’s sleep – keep turning over in bed to get comfortable – mattress
    • Waking up with pain in your joints that gets easier as you get up and walk around / have a shower – mattress

      Sleeping on an inappropriate mattress can contribute to back pain.

      Sleeping on an inappropriate mattress can contribute to back pain.


Yes, contrary to popular belief, the flat screen TV is not the most important piece of furniture in the house – the mattress is. Bottom line is you should be looking to change a mattress about every ten to twelve years. In addition, you should be lying on a mattress designed for your own particular body weight.

  • Soft Mattress                                 up to 7 stone
  • Medium soft mattress                   7 – 11 stone
  • Medium mattress                           11-14 stone
  • Medium firm                                   14-17 stone
  • Firm                                                  17+ stone

Why is the bed so important for our backs? During our daily routines the spine is responsible for distributing the weight of our bodies against gravity. The muscles, ligaments and joints of the spine are under constant stress. When we go to bed, it is the rest and recuperation phase for our spines. If you are currently sleeping on a mattress not designed for your weight then be wary – your spines are likely coming under physical stress 24/7 and are neither getting a rest or recuperating.  A recipe for joint pains further down the line. Enough said.