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Joint Stiffness and the Winter Blues

Short days and long dark nights signify lack of movement in the human frame

Winter Blues ‘Now is the winter of our discontent’ wrote Shakespeare in his play Richard III Winter can be a period of joy or misery. It’s all dependant on your perspective. For many, the long winters night signify time by a cosy fire, binge watching TV series on one of the many streaming services now […]

When Headaches are a Pain In The Neck

Model Released. Young Woman with a Headache

Common to most people at some stage of the day, week, month, or at some stage of their lives are headaches. Some are easily explained – we’ve all possibly at some point over-indulged in alcohol in an evening only to wake up the next day with a hangover and a pounding head. While on the […]

Posture: Take a Look in the Mirror

The brain connects to the human body via the nervous system

Head back, shoulders back, chin tucked in. Rotate your pelvis back, tuck your tummy in. There. The perfect posture. Posture is important as it gives each individual the best alignment for the skeletal structure. Better alignment results in less stress on the joints and muscles. It also makes us more energy efficient, therefore less tired […]

Chiropractic & Placebo

We desire instant relief from pain. The magic bullet of medication will not find the cause

When you look at the overall view of a chiropractic treatment – man (or women) clicks bone – person having bone ‘clicked’ feels better..It’s all very strange. Indeed, there are some that would argue that having your bones ‘clicked’ and feeling better is nothing more than a ‘placebo’ effect. To put it in simple terms, the very thought […]

Chiropractic: Who’s Laughing Now?

You've been to see a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic has been around as a profession for nearly 120 years. As a treatment, the art of spinal and joint manipulation has been around for centuries. As a profession, chiropractic has endured a great deal of scepticism, mostly from the medical profession-less so from the public at large. Over the years there have been concerted […]

Dr Google will see you now…

One of the simplest ways to convince yourself your symptoms are going to kill you is to look it up on Google.

I recently read that one of the best ways to convince yourself that your symptoms are something that are going to kill you, is to look it up on Google. The world is forever changing. Some would say for the better, some would argue otherwise. The internet is a double edged sword when it comes […]

Chiropractic & the Magic Bullet

We desire instant relief from pain. The magic bullet of medication will not find the cause

Take a look back ten or fifteen years ago we were all getting excited about new technology and methods of communication. Suddenly the world began to open up as we logged on with our new computers with dial up connections. Technology progressed. Broadband came into existence. We were able to connect and look at events […]