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Registration…Big Brother is Watching Us.

London - Houses of Parliament

The blog this week I thought it would be good to talk briefly about registration and regulation of the profession of chiropractic and chiropractors.   Firstly let’s just state for the record that if you are considering having a consultation or treatment with  a chiropractor you must make sure that the person you are seeing […]

What’s Up Doc ? (Part 2)

doctor workplace

In my last blog I set a hypothetical, yet typical scene of a patient presenting to their general practitioner with back pain. Medication hasn’t helped and so now the wait for a physiotherapy appointment – only that appointment may be weeks away. Located nearby is a chiropractor – ready, willing and able. And yet the […]

What’s Up Doc? (Part1)

Your suffering from back pain and you need a professional to look at it straight away.

This weeks blog ‘what’s up doc?’ is a scene that is all too familiar, and unfortunately it is one that is probably being played out somewhere at a medical practice at this very moment in time. You have a back problem – a pain, a ‘niggle’. You know something’s not quite right and after putting up […]

Is there a Dr in the house?

Dr's are now constantly bombarded with patients presenting with symptoms - and Google search engine results.

Let’s jump straight in with a topic that seemingly ignites both the medical profession and chiropractors equally – and that’s the question of using the term ‘Doctor’ or Dr in the title as a practitioner. The term Doctor or Dr has been in use historically to refer to an especially learned person who had the […]