Joint Stiffness and the Winter Blues

Short days and long dark nights signify lack of movement in the human frame

Winter Blues ‘Now is the winter of our discontent’ wrote Shakespeare in his play Richard III Winter can be a period of joy or misery. It’s all dependant on your perspective. For many, the long winters night signify time by a cosy fire, binge watching TV series on one of the many streaming services now […]

Talent Versus Time

Ultimately, your paying for the talent, not the time. Stop clock watching.

    Time Versus Talent   I was reminded the other day about value, particularly how much of us still place time as a value on a number of commodities. A regular visitor to my clinic had told me that she had been made aware that an acquaintance of hers was ‘not coming back’ for […]

When Turkeys Fight Back!

Wild turkey flock in Sacramento, California

It’s that time of year again. A time in which family members are thrust together, in a room for 4-6 hours and asked for their differences to be put aside and just ‘get along’. Christmas. A season of peace, love, and joy? Danger lurks for the unprepared, and so, in the spirit of Christmas giving, […]

Is It Going To Hurt?

Treatment Doesn't Hurt

We Chiropractors love to ‘show and tell’ our patients everything we have found that is causing the symptoms (usually pain somewhere!) We ramble on about spinal bones, normal contours, posture, alignment etc. etc. etc. We like to sound knowledgeable, efficient, and effective. In essence, we are establishing a rapport and building trust. We have to […]

Cracking Joints and Arthritis

Bussines man hand writing Arthritis

So let’s talk about another common urban myth that occasionally does the rounds – the old wives tale of people who crack their knuckles will end up with arthritis in their hands. Knuckle crackers rejoice! This is a common myth that has been circulating throughout the generations. Latest research suggests there is no evidence for […]

When Headaches are a Pain In The Neck

Model Released. Young Woman with a Headache

Common to most people at some stage of the day, week, month, or at some stage of their lives are headaches. Some are easily explained – we’ve all possibly at some point over-indulged in alcohol in an evening only to wake up the next day with a hangover and a pounding head. While on the […]